Some portions of this information may be affected due to regulations set forth by the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. Your event representative will discuss any differences in our normal operating procedure pertaining to your unique event. 

Private Room Rental

SRG Catering Services is proud to offer event space at its location of Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern. All scheduled events must accompany a private room rental. 

Requirements for Private Room Bookings

SRG Catering Services provides catering services for events of all sizes. Although this is true, we guarantee private room bookings for events that are hosting 25 or more people. Although there may be instances to which we may be able to host your event of less than 25, we cannot guarantee the reservation until such time that a larger party has not booked. 

SRG Catering Services is the exclusive caterer in the space in which we are offering. No outside caterers, self-catered events, or any outside food or beverage with the exception of baked treats (cakes, cupcakes, and cookies) are allowed within the establishment. All room rentals must accompany some form of food service unless otherwise allowed by SRG Catering Services. 

Private Room Rental Costs

The costs for the rental of our space is determined by 1.) the amount of people that are going to be present for your event, 2.) the set-up needs of the type of event that you are hosting,  and 3.) the rooms that are remaining and available on the day in which you are considering to host your event. In saying that, we have provided the following guidelines to estimate your room rental fee. These rates are not confirmed until you have spoken to one of our representatives to book your event. 

25 People to 30 People = $25.00 Room Rental Fee

31 People to 55 People = $50.00 Room Rental Fee

56 People to 80 People = $75.00 Room Rental Fee

81 People to 120 People = $100.00 Room Rental Fee

121 People to 150 People = $125.00 Room Rental Fee

150 to 300 People = $300.00 Restaurant Rental Fee (Available Select Days Only)

The room rental fee includes the guarantee of a private space in which can accommodate your event, set-up of your event in the way in which is agreed upon between the client and us, and tear down of the event. 


Available Private Rooms

For those events that are hosted at our facility, SRG Catering Services specializes in small to mid-size events. In saying that, we have a variety of private rooms that will accommodate various events that are scheduled here. We are able to showcase our rooms to you, but the final decision on room placement for your event will be done by SRG Catering Services up to and including the day of the event. We are happy to take your request on room placement, but we will place you in a room that accommodates the amount of people you will have, accommodate any reasonable set-up request that you may have and a space that will ensure a great event for you and your guests. 

Venetian Room = Events from 25 to 32 People

Roma Room = Events up to 25 People

Venetian & Roma Room Combined (Adjoining Rooms) = Events up to 55 People

Tuscan Hall = Events up to 100 People

Half Tuscan Hall = Events up to 32 People

Next Steps For Booking My Event

The first step in planning your event with SRG Catering Services that will take place at our location is to either fill out the inquiry form below and allow us to contact you or to call us at 1-740-314-5233. Room reservations are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order for us to guarantee the space for your event, we require the room fee to be paid and our reservation agreement signed - we do not hold rooms for any period of time. 

After filling out our room rental inquiry, we welcome you to view our ON-SITE CATERING SERVICES page to view what food services we are able to offer for your event. 


What's Next?


My name is Frankie DiCarlantonio and I am the Director of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group! I will be here to assist you in your upcoming event. Please use the buttons below to submit information or schedule a time to meet with me to talk about how we can help make your upcoming event the best that it can be!

I look forward to working with you soon. 

- Frankie