Off-Site Catering Services

Available Food Services

SRG Catering Services is able to offer both buffet plans and our carryout trays to clients that are hosting their event off-site. Other services including delivery, off-site supply rental, and staffing services are available. 

Lunch & Dinner Buffet Plans

Buffets are perfect for events of any size for many reasons - the speed in which we are able to accommodate your guests, knowing the cost in advance per person, and being able to offer an event of your choosing to your guests. 


$12.95 Per Person

1 Pasta Selection

1 Meat Selection

1 Vegetable Selection

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Dinner Rolls


$14.95 Per Person

2 Pasta Selections

1 Meat Selection

1 Vegetable Selection

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Dinner Rolls

Tutto Americano

$14.95 Per Person

Roast Beef

Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy

Green Beans

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Dinner Rolls


$16.95 Per Person

2 Pasta Selections

2 Meat Selections

1 Vegetable Selections

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Dinner Rolls

 Buffet Selections 

Pasta Selections

Spaghetti/ Fettuccini/ Gnocchi/ Penne

with up to two sauces:

Marinara/ Meat/ Alfredo/ Pink


The Prata w/ Sausage & Fettuccini

(Pasta with Sausage & Peppers)

The Venetian with Fettuccini

(Pasta with Tomatoes & Feta Cheese)

Meat Selections


Sausage Links

Sausage & Pepper Medley

Chicken Limone

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Marsala

Vegetable Selection

Green Beans (Plain)

Green Beans w/ Almonda

Green Beans w/ Tomatoes

 Seasonal Vegetable Medley


Mashed Potatoes

Appetizer Buffet Plans

Appetizer buffets are great for social networking events, for ice breakers, or a great addition to an event where you are already having a buffet! 

Pick 3 Apps

$12.95 Per Person

Any combination of four appetizers from our selection

Pick 4 Apps

$14.95 Per Person

Any combination of four appetizers from our selection

Appetizer Buffet  Selections

Breaded Zucchini, Bruschetta Dip, Meatball Sliders, Mozzarella & Tomato Kabobs, Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus, Strawberry Shortcake Stackers, Breaded Provolone Triangles, Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Meat & Cheese Tray, Fiesta Calamari Rings, Fruit Kabobs, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Mini Pepperoni Rolls, Mozzarella & Tomato Platter, Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bites

Other Services Required or Optional for Your Event

Delivery Services

SRG Catering Services will provide delivery services to most locations within the Steubenville/ Wintersville/ Weirton area. Delivery fees vary depending on the distance, amount of staff that may be required in the delivery for your event, or if a return trip is required to retrieve rented off-site equipment. Consult with your catering representative on the cost of the delivery. 

Staffing Services

SRG Catering Services can provide our staff to conduct as few or as many services to you and your guests at your upcoming event. The number of staff members and the length in which you will be billed for the particular services will depend on the items in which the staff will be responsible for and the time in which you will desire to have the staff at your event. Consult with your catering representative on the cost of the staff members. 

Off-Site Supplies

SRG Catering Services can provide as many or as few off-site supplies as you wish. Consult with your event representative regarding the next steps for the below items or for a quote of services. Some examples of items in which we can either provide or facilitate for you: 



At events in which we are providing staff to serve and maintain the food, some type of warming mechanism for the food is required - either provided by the client or provided by the caterer in forms of chafing dishes. Chafing dishes may be rented (with sterno gel included for the warming of the food ) for $10.00 each. 


Whenever chafing dishes are rented and/or staff is present with the food, off-site utensils for the serving of the food may be brought at no charge. 


Plastic plates, forks, napkins, etc. may be provided to the event at a small additional charge by the caterer or these may also be provided by the client. 


SRG Catering Services does not provide any of its in-house china for off-site events. For off-site events requiring china, we must either use what is provided by the client or china may be rented, at 100% of the expense on the responsibility of the client, from our preferred vendor, General Rental. Prices will vary depending on the quantity that must be ordered, the varieties of china or flatware that is requested by the client, etc. 

Bar Services

SRG Catering Services may provide beer and wine services for off-site events. All prices are the same as retail pricing within our establishment. Consult with your event representative on our available services. 

Have a request? 

At SRG Catering Services, we understand that there are not two parties that will be the same. So, do you have something that you would like to see us provide for your event? If you do, we are more than happy to consider it. Talk to your event representative and if we can do it, we will find a way!


My name is Frankie DiCarlantonio and I am the Director of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group! I will be here to assist you in your upcoming event. Please use the buttons below to submit information or schedule a time to meet with me to talk about how we can help make your upcoming event the best that it can be!

I look forward to working with you soon. 

- Frankie


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