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Queen of Hearts Drawing

Every Thursday @ Scaffidi's Restaurant & Tavern - Steubenville, OH

More Details & Entire Rules of the Game

What is a Queen of Hearts Drawing? 

About The Game
  • The Queen of Hearts Drawing is considered a Game of Chance and is allowed to be operated in the State of Ohio. 

  • The Game is based on a Queen of Hearts Board with 54 numbers, with each number corresponding to a random card within a standard deck of cards, Jokers included. Within our operation, NO ONE knows the location of the winning card (Queen of Hearts card). 

  • Each week, individuals will purchase tickets for a chance to reveal a slot on the board. Tickets are only good for the next drawing and tickets are discarded after the drawing each week. You must provide your name, phone number, and the number of the slot on the Game Board that you wish to reveal. (The numbers remaining are updated each week and numbers on the Board that have already been revealed cannot be chosen again.)

  • The prize of the game continually grows each week and 100% of the monies that are collected from individuals purchasing tickets that week is added to the prize pot. The establishment operating the game DOES NOT keep any monies associated with the purchase of the tickets. 

  • The person whose ticket is drawn from the tickets purchased that week will be the only person that has a chance to reveal a spot on the board. Based on the number that they selected on their ticket, that slot will be revealed. 

  • If the spot contains the Queen of Hearts card, that individual has won and will win the monies in accordance with the rules of the game. If the spot contains any other card, that individual will win a small cash prize in accordance with the rules of the game and the drawing starts over for the following week, continually until such time that the Queen of Hearts card is revealed on the board. 


Venue Information

Venue Information
  • Scaffidi's Queen of Hearts drawing will take place each Thursday beginning on Thursday, January 20th, 2022 at Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern located at 350 S. Hollywood Boulevard, Steubenville, Ohio 43952. 

  • Tickets for the first drawing (Thursday, January 20th, 2022) will go on sale starting on Monday, January 17th, 2022. Tickets will be available for purchase during all normal business hours of the bar at Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern. Tickets will be sold for the current week's drawing until 7:15 PM on the day of the drawing. Tickets for the following week's drawing will go on sale on Friday upon the opening of the bar. 

  • Tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis in our Private Event Space. No reservations will be taken for tables. Doors will open for the drawing at 4:00 PM. No outside food or beverage is allowed in the establishment. 

  • A 50/50 raffle will be held each week with tickets being able to be purchased at all times that the Queen of Hearts tickets are on sale. The ticket must contain the person's legal name and phone number. Winner DOES NOT need to be present to win the monies from the 50/50 drawing. 

The Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game
  • Tickets are 3 for $5.00. There is no limit on the number of tickets can be purchased by any individual. Ticket sales, locations, and times will be posted online at 

  • There can only be one name placed on each ticket. Each ticket must include the Legal First and Last Name of the individual purchasing the tickets along with a contact phone number and slot number of choice. Nicknames, abbreviations, or aliases on a ticket that do not match the individual's Government-Issued ID will result in the ticket being invalidated and another ticket being drawn. If no phone number is provided and the individual does not present themselves at the drawing after an acceptable period of time as deemed by the operator, a new ticket will be drawn. If the individual has a number that has already been revealed on the Game Board and is not present, there will be one attempt to contact the person. If the person does not respond to the attempt to contact them, a new ticket will be drawn. 

  • One ticket will be drawn at 7:30 PM and will have a chance to reveal a slot on the Queen of Hearts Board. 

  • If the first ticket drawn at the drawing DOES NOT reveal the Queen of Hearts, the individual will receive a $50.00 Cash Prize. The Winner does not need to be present to win the $50.00 prize from the first drawing. 

  • The total prize pool will continue to accumulate each week. The prize pool is determined by the amount of tickets sold and will be announced before the drawing as well as updated at Scaffidi's Pasta, Inc. dba Scaffidi Restaurant Group, in accordance with the laws and opinions issued by the State of Ohio Government does not earn or retain any money from the accumulated prize pool. 

  • Individuals may purchase an optional "No Show Insurance" in the amount of $5.00 for up to $30.00 in tickets purchased. No Show Insurance adds to the prize pool of the game and allows the individual purchasing the ticket, if their ticket is picked, to receive a higher share of the prize pool without being physically present at the location on the night of the drawing. 

  • If the selected individual reveals the Queen of Hearts card on the Prize Board, the prize amounts are as follows:

    • If the person is present, they will win 90% of the prize pool with the remaining 10% being placed into the next prize pool for the next game. 

    • If the person is NOT present, but has purchased "No Show Insurance" on the ticket that has been pulled, they will win 80% of the prize pool with the remaining 20% being placed into the next prize pool for the next game. 

    • If the person is NOT present and did NOT purchase "No Show Insurance" on the ticket that has been pulled, they will win 50% of the prize pool with the remaining 50% being placed into the next prize pool for the next game. 

  • Once a number is revealed on the board, the card will be revealed and the number is removed from play. Each week after the drawing, all tickets for that week's drawing will be destroyed. Tickets purchased for that week will only be valid for that week' s drawing. 

  • The Queen of Hearts Game Board will be located in an area that is not accessible by the general public. 

  • All winners are responsible for any and all taxes. A 1099 will be issued by January 31 following the prize being awarded. 

  • Employees of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group are prohibited from participating in the game, regardless of their involvement with the operation of the game. 

  • These "Rules of the Game" are based upon general practices of the Queen of Hearts as tried and practiced over time as well as general rules of basic Games of Chance. This does not establish any guarantee, liability, or warranty between the participants of the game and the establishment. Any situation that is not explicitly remedied by a rule of the game as stated here will be ruled on by the Establishment. 

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