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COVID19 Response

The Scaffidi Family understands the importance of prevention and the severity of COVID19. 

UPDATED: August 11th, 2020

The Scaffidi Family is excited to be able to reopen Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern after being closed to in-house dining by orders of the Ohio Department of Health. In the reopening, we want to ensure that our customers know what we are doing to keep you safe during this time, as well as the extra precautions that you will be seeing while dining with us. 

For the time being our hours of operation shall be (effective August 11th, 2020):

Monday through Friday: 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM (last seating/ to-go order at 9:00 PM)

Saturday: 12:00 PM until 10:00 PM (last seating/to-go order at 9:00 PM)

Sunday: CLOSED (Open for private events of 40 or more)

The following shall be the dates in which the following services shall become available:

All services (Indoor In-House Dining, Outdoor In-House Dining, Curbside To-Go Carryout, Daytime Delivery, and Private Event spaces are all available and shall be subject to the hours listed above as well as any orders issued by the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. 

In-House Seating

Both indoor in-house dining and outdoor in-house dining is now open and allowed by the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. In accordance with the restrictions, the maximum group size that we will be able to accept is 10 people or less. Tables will either have a physical barrier in between them and other parties or have a minimum of six feet of distance in between them. In saying this, the amount of tables that we have has been drastically reduced. Because of this, we are no longer accepting reservations until further notice, with no exceptions being made. At the same time, we ask for our customers' patience as wait times may be long during this time. 

Differences in In-House Dining

In addition to the items already listed, the Scaffidi Family will be instituting the following, in accordance with mandates from the Ohio Department of Health or Best Practices for restaurants:

- Customers waiting for their tables will be asked to wait in their vehicle as to allow the maximum amount of tables within the restaurant and to promote social distancing. If you are placed on the wait list, we will require a phone number to call you whenever your table is ready. 

- Buffets for private events will be served, but will have a glass divider in between the customer and the buffet. 

- Items that are usually on your table (salt, pepper, sugars, bar menus, etc.) will no longer be placed on your table and will be available upon request. We do this to ensure that they are sanitized after every customer use. 

- Customers that may not want to share items with other customers may simply request some accommodates, including: paper/ plastic dinnerware, review the menu on their phone in lieu of a regular menu, condiments such as salt and pepper in single-use cups, etc. 

Bar Services

At this time, seating at our physical bar will not be available. This will reopen at a later time. Alcohol will still be served to tables seated within the establishment and last call for all alcohol will be 10:00 PM each night. This is to comply with social distancing and to keep our patrons and employees safe during this time. 

Curbside To-Go/ Online Ordering

To promote social distancing and limit the amount of people within our limited space, all to-go orders will be done in the fashion of curbside to-go. You can either place your order online at or call us at 1-740-314-5233. Whenever you arrive, you will be asked to pull to the side of our building near our outdoor bar and patio and call us at the same number to inform us that you are here. 

Employee Wellness

We understand the importance of a establishment that is as contagion-free as possible. Staff members who exhibit signs of any type of illness are instructed to attain medical attention through appropriate channels and to return to work only if a medical professional has indicated that it is safe to do so. At the same time, we have set up practices to ensure that our staff members remain safe at the same time, including the required practice of wearing masks, limiting interactions with customers and other staff members as much as possible, and to ensure that they have adequate time to fulfill the various requirements of increased sanitizing efforts and personal hygiene. 

Events & "Mass Gatherings"

Per orders from the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, we have begun booking events that are 300 or less in number. We ask that you please visit our "ON-SITE CATERING SERVICES" page to read the different required practices that we will be following during this time. 

Robust & Rigorous Cleaning Schedule

Our entire establishment has been placed on a much more rigorous and robust cleaning schedule, above and beyond any requirement and regulation set forth by agencies that govern food establishments. Common areas and surfaces throughout the establishment have been placed on a steady rotation of cleaning throughout operating hours, items that guests share are sanitized after every use, and items that are commonly among the public such as salt/pepper shakers and Parmesan Cheese are kept to request only to ensure that they are sanitized in between uses. 



First and foremost, the Scaffidi Family of Services would like you to keep you and your health on the top of the list. Please follow the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Jefferson County Health Department, and other agencies. For those that are able to continue routine daily activities such as dining out, holding events, or  other services that we offer, we want to make sure that you know that we are doing our part to ensure a healthy and safe environment  for our customers and guests.